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1] of 3  'The Fairy Tale of Darwinian Evolution'

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"Once upon a time, millions of years ago....the universe came from nothing...or was self-existent... (although nothing in it is!) 
   This Myth claims that Dinosaurs are millions of years old too - too old to be created with the other land animals on the 6th day of Creation in Genesis 1, despite that dinosaur bones are found with mammals and every phylum of land animal and contain soft, non-fossilized bone marrow and traces of blood cells.

   Here's valuable information, "The Fairy Tale of Darwin's Evolution", to give middle-school, high school, college age & adults down-to-earth, logical scientific counter-information to the Darwin's Myth of Evolution being pushed on children by the world's failing educational system.

1) To READ or PRINT this 2-page document on a desktop PC, click this tiny link =>

> Under the FILE menu, click "ENABLE PRINTING" (top left icon) > Click "PRINT"
 2) {To READ this document on a small screen of a mobile device, "press" the tiny link =>

       > Then Touch the FULL SIZE link that APPEARS.}  @

2] Order Ten Commandments Plaques for Young People
     The instructions that God gave with the Ten Commandments are these: "...thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up... And thou shalt write them on the posts of thy house and on thy gates (Deut. 6:4-9).

The Ten Commands protect us. We love youth by providing a Plaque to study & hang on their wall.  

     The Plaque is suitable for middle-school thru adulthood. The Ten Commandments teach true character. If you want to give a Plaque to someone else's child, ask their parents' permission.

  For a $10 donation (postage included), order a Plaque laminated in plastic by clicking a DONATE button. The back of the Plaque has valuable "how to" text and a choice of motivation message for 'women & girls" or "men & boys". State in your donation whether you want the message for 'Girls' or 'Boys'.

     {To READ the text on a small screen of a mobile device, "press" one of the following tiny links for "Boys" or "Girls"
> Then Touch the FULL SIZE link that APPEARS:

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To READ the text on a desktop PC, click one of the previous tiny links > Then Click "ENABLE EDITING" (top center). @

3] Make Your Own  'Ten Commandments Plaque'

    Using a full-sized desktop or library PC, click the tiny link for Girls.. or Boys.. below and follow the steps 1), 2), 3) to make your own autographed, laminated plaque.

Click a tiny link for "Boys" or "Girls":

    (Ivory or earth-toned paper recommended.)
> Under the FILE menu, Click "ENABLE PRINTING" (top left)  >  Click 'PRINT".

You may write the "Boy's Name" or "Girls Name" in the upper left corner of the "Message for Men and Boys" or the "Message for Women and Girls" and write your handwritten signature in ink in the bottom right corner of the this Message.

AT A COPIER SERVICE, laminate Pages 1 & 2 (back to back) between Plastic sheets:
   Use the thicker, 10 mil plastic for a rigid Plaque,  Punch a centered hole to hang Plaque on the wall as God's Command implies.

Alternatively, as a cost-effective way of enclosing a larger number of plaques for handout, plaques may be enclosed in inexpensive, clear "sheet protectors" to show that they are a special document that should be saved and valued.     @@

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