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Child Sex Trafficking is Happening: Don't let them score!
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1] of 7  Which Kind of Man Will You Be?


If you suspect one is a victim of trafficking or child prostitution, discretely give them the secure HHS Traffick Hotline 1-888-3737-888. Call  to see if your info can help rescue. 
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2] Be a Man 1: How to Handle Manhood, Sexual Images, Porn,.. - host Bill Depner.
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      Autonomous by nature, every man and boy makes the decision to be good or evil by whether he decides to selfishly excite himself viewing women for their bodies as sex objects - with heartless consequences -- OR to follow his God-given inclination to protect girls and women. WHICH KIND OF MAN ARE YOU? You can overcome sex addiction. With men this is impossible but with God, all things are possible (Mat 9:26).  
     Women are the daughters of God who wants us to treat them so. DON'T SPEND MONEY ON COMMERCIAL SEX ACTS. Moreover, girls also suffer unspeakably about not having a perfect body in our "glamorous"  media culture. Let's use words about women with respect as the fine, gentler beautiful gender God made them to be. @

3] America's Trafficked Youth: What happened to girls who trusted an acquaintance?

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4] Be a Man 2: Strip Clubs - host Bill Depner
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5] Be a Man 3: Prostitution - host Bill Depner
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6] 4 Links to Help the Girls & Women:
Shared Hope International -
     An effective leader against "white slavery" (sex slavery), in undercover investigation of sex slavery in US & worldwide, in raising public awareness, in educating lawmakers and law enforcement to conduct victim-sensitive trafficking investigations and arrests. Shared Hope is awakening public opinion. It grades nations & states on on their trafficking laws and how prosecutors & judges enforce the law. 
   With your help, Shared Hope opens safe houses and equips survivors with skills to re-enter life. It costs about $1100 a year to rescue and restore one woman.  Become a sustaining partner by donating.  Click

    The Polaris Project -A leader in rescuing and testimonials of sex slaves in the US and abroad.  Click

   The Defenders
- A partner of Shared Hope, actively opposes sex slavery at truck stops. "Real men defend women no matter whose daughters they are."  The Defenders is calling men to step up and protect women & children.  Are you going to be a man?  Click

   Not for Sale Campaign
- A member of the world's third Abolitionist Movement against slavery of human beings for sex or for labor.  Slavery impacts women & children most.  Not for Sale is good for becoming informed about all forms of slavery, supporting or using your talents to help the Aboltinsist  Movemnet.  Cick  @
of 7 Sexual Abstinence: On Preparing a Boy to Be a Man - Den Sapos & Bill Depner

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